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Entry #1

Three different accounts, same submission.

2009-11-11 15:52:43 by twistedpuppet

Blush's Watching Me was blammed once, then re-uploaded and blammed again after I blew the whistle on it for being stolen. Now it has been uploaded yet again. The funny thing is, it's been uploaded by THREE different accounts. I've contacted the appropriate channels multiple times to report the 3rd upload, but Newgrounds doesn't seem to want to take action against something that is so obviously stolen. This, of course, pisses me off to no end. Whatever. I'm now in the process of blamming the 3rd submission once every 24 hours until it gets removed from the site. If it gets uploaded again after that, I will be sure to blow the whistle on it again.

Edit: Now the moron has changed the title of the submission to "Blush is a gay NjGGER". I guess it's one of those troll idiots. I had a feeling there was a raid going on at newgrounds. This pretty much confirms it for me. Whatever. Herd of cats mentality. They will most likely get bored soon.


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